• The fastest way to explore data.

    Datamode is a free and open source tool for data scientists.

    Built for the tools you know

    We don't make you change the tools you use. We make them more powerful.

  • Accelerate your workflow

    Datamode is a complete toolkit for anyone working with data.

    It's free and open source, written in Python, and directly integrates into your Jupyter Notebook.

    Are null values breaking your pipeline?

    Datamode's simple yet flexible transforms can handle all types of messy data with one line of code and in a fraction of the time.

    "That value isn't what I expected!"

    See how every transformation affects your data, with inline visualizations. Click on an individual value to trace how it was computed.

    Changed a feature and now have to re-deploy an entire pipeline?

    Develop your ML model in Jupyter, then deploy your transforms and your finished model to a running instance on premise or in the cloud - in one line of code.

  • What people are saying about Datamode...

    "Datamode is effectively a common language between Data Science, Data Engineering, and DevOps - which is incredibly valuable."

    Michael Erdely

    Senior Data Engineer


    "This is really valuable because it allows you to quickly go through an entire dataset and find relationships you didn't necessarily expect."

    Sean Robinson

    Principal Data Scientist

    Pioneer Square Labs